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Six Pack Abs

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Everyone wants to know how to get their abdominals out since Summer is fastly approaching. Obviously, the first place to start is with your eating. However, we're going to assume for the sake of this tip, that you've got your eating down, you're doing cardio work, and you're following a good overall training program. Let's focus on how to make your abs jump off your midsection once you're lean enough for them to show.

Abs are one body part that is very difficult to overtrain. You are using them all day long to stabilize yourself, so they are used to alot of consistent work. Sometimes to really enhance my midsection, I'll train them every day for 30 days straight.

When I go into this kind of short term overtraining for abdominals, I keep in mind to not do too many sets per day since I'll be training them each day. I'll keep the sets at around 4-6 per day. I usually pick one to two movements for abs and do 2-4 sets for each exercise and keep the repetitions high without using weights.

What exercises do I perform? Just about anything. However, I always seem to go back to the basic crunch, lying on the floor with my feet elevated. This really is the king of all abdominal exercises. Besides crunches, I'll rotate in knee ups, hanging leg raises, reverse crunches, incline sit ups on a slant board, and ab machines. Keep in mind that I almost always include the basic crunch as one of my exercises each day.

After the 30 days is up, I go back to my regular ab training routine. My abs seem to very bubble looking and will maintain that look for as long as I keep hitting them very hard during my regular training.

Good luck with your ab training and remember, you have to eat right to get the fat off for your abs to show. You can have tremendously developed abs, but with a thick layer of fat on them, nobody will know.

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