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What is the advantage of supersets

Posted by Jose

I began following a routine that includes several exercises using the superset technique. I am wondering what the advantages are of training this way. Is it only to build up endurance or is used more as a time-management technique?


Re: What is the advantage of supersets

Posted by Leo

Hi Jose,

It is always a good idea to vary your style of training from time to time to promote muscularity. Supersets are a good time management tool but more importantly your muscles become pumped when you train this way. During a regular workout routine the normal resting period can be between 60 to 90 seconds or slightly more depending on whether you are using the larger muscle groups and the amount of weight that you are using. By alternating exercises without a rest, the blood circulation continues to supply oxygen-rich blood to the muscles which results in the pump and can often be felt for several hours following a workout.

I recommend that you continue training this way for a minimum of three months. Take your measurements now and compare them in three months time to determine any improvements.

All the best,


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