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All Natural Bodybuilding Competitions

If you are into natural bodybuilding, and it is the best approach to bodybuilding, you may want to consider competing in a natural bodybuilding contest.

Various natural bodybuilding organizations offer natural contests in sites around the United States and now even have worldwide competitions. There is even a natural version of the Mr. Olympia contest.

The criteria for competing varies by organization. The main aim is to determine that competitors are not using drugs, steroids or other banned substances.

A good example of what is involved comes from Amateur Bodybuilding Association (ABA), International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA), and the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA):

“We test all athletes every 60 days using polygraph, urine, hare sample and blood testing.” This group of organizations uses International Olympic Standards for their testing protocol.

Here are their particular standards:



2. You will have to pay for your drug test in cash. The cost is an affordable $75 The fee is much cheaper and safer than drugs.

3. Drug test will be given the day of the contest

4. If you should fail the drug test once you will be disqualified from the competition, depending on the substance. 1 year- to lifetime from the ABA/INBA/PNBA

These standards are set to allow those who train drug-free to compete drug-free. Of course nothing is 100 percent accurate, and some cheaters may use masking agents to try and circumvent the rules. Even so, competitive natural bodybuilding has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings and is now a big-time and very legitimate event.

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