Arnold mind games

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Arnold Schwarzenegger psychological warfare

Posted by Sid

i forgot where i read this because i visit to many sites and move on but i found out from a source that Arnold Schwarzenegger would psyche his competition out on the way to train in the gym. turns out the oak would trained with this person that teached him high intensity and low volume workouts. arnold would train this way on his own and then go to the gym and would train with many sets making his competion think that more was better. how he pulled this off i dont know and i dont know if its even true, but if you have seen pumping iron you might believe it to be true. as he would always try any way too mentally defeat his competition. he really pulled a mind trip on lou ferrigno which is just plain priceless. i really felt sorry for lou because he seemed to be a truly nice guy and arnold took advantage of it. but arnold believed in achieving greatness at any cost.

Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger psychological warfare

Posted by Alan

Sid, You do realize that Arnold was on steroids don't you (guess thats why he has had heart problems). This in itself helped him defeat alot of competitors. I know this will burst alot of bubbles with Arnold fans, but it is just the truth.

How he later became the Presidents spokesman for physical fitness I never understood.

Sometimes the truth hurts.


Re: psychological warfare

Posted by Jude

The fact that Arnold felt he needed to psych out the competition just proves that he was not anywhere near as confident as he pretended to be and that he actually was very scared of others and that he might lose a contest – God forbid!

Arnold even bragged that he would give his best friend Franco Columbu bad advice in order to beat him. Is he really proud of being the type of person that smiles to your face and stabs you in the back? This is what they call a passive aggressive personality today.

Schwarzenegger says he studied psychology and then used it against others to mess up their minds and upset them, if this were true, and if psychology wasn’t a bullshit subject anyway, this would be like studying medicine and then using it to inflict physical pain on others.

So is Arnold a hero or role model? Only to someone how wants to be a total self-centered, arrogant douche bag!

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