How to work rear delts

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Back Delts

Posted by Brian

Since I began working heavy on the benchpress, I've noticed that my front delts have gotten big. Unfortunately they are not in proportion to my back delts which need work. The press behind the neck feels awkward and my shoulder joints don't respond well.

I am wondering how I can build up my back delts.


Re: Back Delts

Posted by Hulk

Bant over rows (bar to the chest not the stomach) are good if done correctly a lot of poundage can be handled. Bent over flys also work quite well and can be used to isolate the delt more.

Work the movment in with your back rountine.

Re: Back Delts

Posted by lifter

You may want to round off Hulk's routine (which by the way should give you good results) with some dumbbell shoulder shrugs.

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