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No Back Pump!!

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If I had a nickel...blah, blah, blah...(Don't you hate that old phrase?). Seriously though, one of the most common comments I get from aspiring bodybuilders is, "My back doesn't get sore after back workouts and I don't feel like I'm getting a pump." I used to have the exact same problem. Here is how I fixed it.

First, I dropped the weights I was using by about 25% in each exercise. I did this so I could concentrate on my back muscles working and not just getting the weight up. Second, I decided to hold each exercise in the contracted position for 6 seconds while I squeezed my back muscles as hard as possible.

I followed this scheme of training for 4 weeks. At that time my back was getting sore, pumps were incredible, and I could notice some visible improvement in my back development. It worked wonders and now my back is one of my best body parts.

If you're having problems getting your back to grow or can't feel it working. Give the above tips a try. Make sure your lower back is arched and not rounded during the contraction phase of the exercise also. Otherwise, you'll be working your arms and shoulders instead of your back.

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