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What Substances are Banned in Natural Bodybuilding

So you want to be a natural bodybuilder, eh? Itís a great choice. Here is what you will have to avoid to stay in the game.

Obviously steroids and growth hormone are not allowed, but surprisingly there are a host of other elements that are also banned in most organizations. Be aware that some of the natural bodybuilding organizations closely follow the Olympic substance standards.


Anabolic agents are chemicals that include what you would expect - anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and Beta-2 Agonists.

But wait Ė there is more. Much more. Avoiding the steroids isnít enough. You also have to avoid other banned substances.


Not only must you avoid steroids, you also canít artificially stimulate yourself with certain substances. These include amphetamines and cocaine and even ephedrine.

Various narcotic analgesics are also banned, including morphine. The same is true with most diuretics. Also, corticosteroids and growth hormones are forbidden. Certain manipulative processes as such as blood doping are prohibited as well.

Each category typically has a great deal of different substances in it. Depending upon the organization, there may be a hundred different items that are banned.

The various bodybuilding organizations have different requirements for what are and are not considered a banned substance. Even the mainstream bodybuilding organizations ostensibly have testing. Some items are allowed in certain circumstances and others are not. Know the parameters of the natural training standards, which are the most stringent, for the organization of the natural competition you plan to enter.

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