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Take Pictures for Reference

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One of the most valuable tools in monitoring your progress in bodybuilding is a 35mm camera. If you're bodybuilding then the appearance is what counts. Right? The only objective way you can tell if you are actually changing your appearance to your liking is to take some good quality photos of yourself on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The best photos are ones where you are not flexing. Take a picture of yourself standing relaxed from the front, both sides and the rear. You can also throw in a few of your favorite poses. The problem with poses is that you may not be flexing exactly the same in each picture and that can really throw off what you may see as progress or regression. The relaxed photos will tell the true story.

Make sure the photos are taken with the same camera, in the same location, and with the same lighting. Any kind of change in one of those factors could lead to giving you a false assessment of your progress.

If you do this consistently for several years, you'll also have a pictorial history of your bodybuilding career and it will be extremely fun to look back on it.

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