Bench press singles training

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heavy singles bench press

Posted by cpods

One of my goals is to bench 405. For the last couple of months I have been gathering information on how to do this. I have been doing five sets of five, and am almost back to my best strength levels prior to a layoff (315 for eight reps, 370 for one rep). Some of the guys at work who trained have managed to bench 400 by doing singles for a couple of months. They would bench once a week, following this sequence: 135x20, 225x8, 315x5-8, 350-360x1-2, 370x1, 380x1. They would add a little weight each week until they could do 400. Then they would do 225 on the incline bench, repping out for 3 sets. I am thinking of doing something similar. I would bench of Mondays, do a good shoulder workout on Thursdays, and squats and deadlifts on Sat. I am really fixated on benching four hundred because I think it is a great accomplishment. If anyone has experience with singles or can make suggestions about my routine feel free to post.

Re: heavy singles bench press

Posted by lifter

Hi Cpods,

To press 400 pounds is a very respectable goal. I focused on one rep maxs with good results utilizing the push press. I found that after three months I was able to make significant gains in my power. At first you will have to drop your weight but you will eventually gain power where you need it the most - the first couple of inches off the chest. I went for five sets of six and was able to get past a sticking point that I have held on the bench for almost a year!

Good luck!


Re: heavy singles bench press

Posted by Hulk

It seem a lot of work to get there, when doing heavy reps I would do a good warm up, several light sets then go up in doubles and singles. I have never seen anyone on competition do that sort of work, it would seem to me only to lead to exhaustion early on.

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