Bench press vs dumbbell press

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Bench press or dumbbell press for mass

Posted by Kevin

I am a creature of habit and generally stick with the same program for six months or more. I alternate my programs between the bench press and the dumbbell press.

I read that dumbbells allow a better contraction than the bench press and tend to target the pecs more directly. In spite of this, I have found the bench press to be more beneficial when it comes to developing strength. I am wondering though which method builds the most muscle.

Re: Bench press or dumbbell press for mass

Posted by Sid

i would think the bench press gives you over all muscle because your involving the triceps too. i think you probably use the triceps with dumbells too but it just seems more is used with the bench. the most isolated chest excercise is with dumbells flies though. ofcourse on bench close grip hits triceps and a wider grip hits less of the triceps. i stopped useing the bench for two is i dont need a partner on dumbells...and the biggest reason is that my right shoulder hurt on straight favorite excercise for chest is decline bench. just because you can lift more wieght making it more fun. can anyone answer though on bench do you involve the front deltoids? seems to me it would be the third indirect involvement. i dont know.

Re: Bench press or dumbbell press for mass

Posted by Hulk

The bench is one of the big three and I would recommend that if possible it is included in every workout. You can handle more weight, it puts less strain on the joints and with a spotter is safer.

There is some limited front delt tie in on the flat bench but this is more pronounced on the inclineand less so on the decline. The tricep takes over about 2/3 of the way into the lift and is always my sticking point in the lift (I should imagine it is most peoples) as the tricep is the smaller muscle.

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