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The Best Fat Burner?

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I often get asked what I feel the best fat burner on the market is. The top two in my opinion are Adipokinetix and Thermocuts. Adipo has a slight edge in fat burning effects, but has almost no energy boost with it. Which one is better for you depends on whether you are looking for a kick or not. The fat burner with the biggest stimulant kick is Thermostat from ISS Research.

Here is my list of best fat burners on the market.

1. Adipokinetix (tie)
1. Thermocuts (tie)
3. Hydroxycut (same as thermocuts but more expensive)
4. Dymaburn Xtreme
5. Thermostat (best stimulant)
6. Ripped Fuel Extreme
7. Xenadrine
8. Thermadrene (2nd best stimulant)
9. Metabolic Boost
10. Ripped Fuel

I've used all of the above and those are my best opinions. Good luck with whichever product you choose and as always, consult your doctor before beginning any supplement program!

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