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What is the best way to do lat pulldowns

Posted by Jack

I have a question about the lats pulley. Is it better to bring the bar down to the front or behind the neck? One trainer told me that by bringing it down to the front, I am working my shoulder muscles more than my back.

I notice that when I bring the bar down behind my neck that I AM feeling it more in my back. Still I see many people in the gym bring the bar down to their chest.

What method gives the best results?


Re: What is the best way to do lat pulldowns

Posted by Robert

The lats pulley, also known as the lats pulldown is a wonderful exercise for working the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi -back muscles).

To achieve the full benefit of this exercise, the bar should be brought down behind the neck. Bringing the bar down to the chest may be easier for some but as your trainer identified, this method hits the front deltoids more than the lats.

Some people complain that they are not flexible enough or that the exercise tends to cause some discomfort in the shoulders. Often the problem is that they are using more weight than they can handle. I recommend dropping the weight to allow for a full stretch on each rep. Pause on each stretch for maximum benefit.

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