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Perfect Rep Range?

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The question came up from a somewhat advanced trainer the other day. "Do you have any body parts that just don't seem to respond? I'm hitting them just like my other parts, but they just don't seem to respond." I told him, I did have that problem, until I learned how to train each specific muscle group appropriately.

Every individual may have body parts that respond to high reps versus low reps. They aren't necessarily the same from person to person. For me, low reps work for my legs and chest. High reps work for my calves and arms. Moderate reps work for my back and shoulders. I am defining low reps as 4-8 repetitions, moderate reps as 9-11, and high reps as 12-20.

If you have a body part that isn't responding after at least 1-month of diligently hitting it, you need to change your training approach. Changing your repetition scheme is one of the most basic changes you can make. It may be the only change that's needed.

Good luck with your weight training progress!

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