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Want Big Arms? Do Big Curls!

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Everybody wants big arms. Truth be told, to get the biggest arms you can, you really have to develop your triceps to their fullest potential. They make up the bulk of the arms. However, when the women come up and grab your arms, they always seem to hang on the bicep. Having large, round biceps always seems to attract the attention.

There are two main mistakes I see when novices, or intermediate lifters are training arms. First people are using too little of an amount of weight to substantially stress the bicep muscle into growth. The second mistake, believe it or not, is that people are using too much weight and getting every muscle in their body involved except the biceps!

Standing barbell curls are still the king of bicep builders. They are comparable to the squat for legs, and bench press for chest. Standing barbell curls will allow you to use more weight than any other bicep exercise. However, make sure you are not excessively swinging or leaning back when performing the exercise, or you'll diminish the results. You can get a little motion in there to allow you to perform the exercise, but don't overdo it. Occasionally, you may cheat a little at the end of a set to extend it. It's like doing a forced rep at the end of a set.

For bicep training, stick to the basics, train heavy, train strict, and train hard! Your arms will start popping out and scream, "Squeeze me!"

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