Bodybuilding and aging

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Out of shape older bodybuilders

Posted by Fred

I'm now 60 yrs old I have a strange curiosity. It seems to me that many of the famous lifters and non famous seem to have real big guts as they get older. i dont mean this unkindly but its not what im looking for in my routines. Is this a misperception on my part or am I just not seeing the folks who still are improving their bodies at a "mature" age. I'd like to see some pictures of older lifters who still seem to be in good conditon. I admit I've seen more recently than in the past. I think I'm starting to use up all the forum space. Thanks again for your kind responses.


Re: Out of shape older bodybuilders

Posted by lifter


What gives you that impression? Steve Reeves for example looked great right up until the day he died several years ago. I've seen photos of Reg Park and he still looks good. I would be interested in hearing whose gotten out of shape as it is an interesting topic.

Hey, your input into the forum is always appreciated.



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