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Make Cardio Fun!

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OK. I'm not nuts. Here is what I mean by "Make Cardio Fun."

One thing I did in order to ensure that I would perform my cardio workouts as frequently as necessary was to purchase a stationary bike for my home. Usually I'm in a hurry to get home from the gym to see my family and the last thing I want to do is to stick around and do cardio work. It became to easy to skip it. Purchasing a piece of equipment for home was the perfect solution to this problem.

I also started playing video games while riding the bike to help the time pass by. DOES IT EVER! I can ride the stationary for 45 minutes without even realizing I've been on the bike. I get off drenched in sweat and have had a great cardio workout. I actually look forward to doing cardio because I know it's a perfect time to get in something I love...playing video games. I am always conscious to check my heart rate every 5 minutes or so though to make sure I am still within a target range of 65-75% of max.

My tip to you is this: Associate your cardio work with something you really enjoy whether it be watching the news, ESPN Sportscenter, reading a book or magazine, or listening to music. It makes the time go by faster and actually helps you look forward to doing cardio.

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