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How to Remove Hair for Bodybuilders

Even if you have never been onstage with no clothes on before you need to first think about shaving. Hair removal is compulsory if you want to show all the hard earned muscle that you want to. Obviously some guys have a lot more hair than others but even if you have very little body hair you should make sure that no hairs are covering any definition that you might have.

A good piece of advice is to never shave your body hair for the first time on the day of the competition. There are problems like razor burn or a rash and cuts that may need a day to heal so rather shave the day before. You should also know that cyclists and swimmers have to deal with the same problem so you are not alone.

Start first by thinking ahead and planning when you are going to shave and what you will need. Deciding at the last minute to shave your body because you are going to stand on a stage with posing trunks to show your muscles is ridiculous. Any good bodybuilder knows that success comes from planning and thinking ahead.

Depending on how hairy you are the best way to start is with clippers. There are some very good electric clippers for hair that will get quite close. But it is best to remove the last millimeter of hair just in case. That can be done with a hair removal spray or shaving like you would your beard.

If you have got hair on your back you are going to need help, but even so it is always a good idea to ask someone to check if there are any spots that have been missed. Be careful where you start the process of shaving and the bath or shower are probably the best place.

Many professional bodybuilders shave in the off-season as well even though they will never compete. The reason why they do that is twofold. The first reason is to get their skin used to be being hairless and the second reason is that when using a hair removal spray it is a lot easier when the hair is short.

A top professional bodybuilder also wants to see the change in his body-fat and how it affects his posing when not hindered by body-hair. But there are many to amateur bodybuilders that only shave when the season starts and after that first shave it is easier to keep the hair off with just a quick spray of hair remover.

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