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Music for Bodybuilding Posing Routines

If you have decided to enter and compete as a bodybuilder you certainly want to take advantage of the 90 seconds you are going to get posing to your own music. Using your own creativity to demonstrate what you have, how balanced and proportional your body is needs to be with a beat that suites you.

A few points that you should take into consideration when selecting the correct type of music for your body and your character. Firstly it is a good idea to identify with a character or a profession, even a concept that you can identify with. It could be anything from a superhero to a cartoon character it does not matter as long as it is something that feels like you.

From a sports player to a famous scientist or a cop or cowboy the choices should be something that you can develop into an attitude to your quick 90 second routine. Whether you run onstage with a big explosion of music or you start off slowly and build up to a climax is the attitude of your routine.

Maybe you find some music that you think suites the theme of your routine that has a strong entrance with a slow middle section that ends with a fast and dramatic ending. Some bodybuilding competitions allow these posing routines to be longer than 90 seconds but however long, it needs to be entertaining.

One can get a bit carried away with music selection by mixing in sound effects or mixing up rap with country or some other mix. But that will probably depend on how good a bodybuilder you are and how much you need to learn about movement.

Asking for help from a choreographer can also not hurt so that all your moves are together with the music and you know exactly what moves to make next. The more preparation that goes into those final 90 seconds at the evening show after the pre-judging has been done, the better your performance will be.

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