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Preparing to enter any bodybuilding competition requires foresight and self-knowledge. The more you know about how your body reacts to diet and training alterations the more successful you will be. The following tips to improve your presentation onstage are not something that you will find on a bodybuilding forum.

If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail. If you are stressed your body will retain water and you will look flat as well as soft so you need to anticipate this stress including the stress of traveling. Finding a way to de-stress should have been done months before you compete.

· You have decided to carbo load so that you can get the best in showing the judges how much muscle you carry, you need to bring lots of food. Simple carbohydrates like bananas and honey with some apple butter is a good choice. You should stay far away from any fibrous carbs as they might bloat you up and slow you down. Resorting to sodium filled junk foods because you did not bring enough food of your own will directly affect how you look onstage 2 hours later.

· Keep your essentials close-by at all times during the pre-judging, which can last more than 8 hours depending on the size of the competition. If you are on a budget then simple things like bringing your own sheets to reduce your hotel bill might be a good idea.

· If you take a few extras you will not be sorry. Like a copy of your music, a second pair of posing trunks, shoes and a suit in case there is a photo opportunity you did not anticipate.

· As a bodybuilder you are probably very aware of time as checking in and arriving prepared are going to affect your stress levels. Ensuring things like contest registration deadlines and the published eligibility rules will all help to reduce your stress as you go to the competition.

. To smile is always good advice when posing, it will help to catch the judge’s attention and they will notice you, which will help to increase your confidence. You need to show patience when competing in a bodybuilding contest but you also need to enjoy the rush of competing and enjoy it with a smile.

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