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What are the Weight Classes in Bodybuilding?

Over the years bodybuilding competitions have included weight divisions as well as height divisions but there are no longer height divisions so one could get any man/woman who is 5'3" standing next to a competitor who is 6'6". If these two competitors compete in the same weight category then the short competitor will always win because they will have more muscle.

On any competition the organizers never know exactly how many competitors will turn up to compete and sometimes the categories will be changed to suite the amount of competitors in a specific weight class.

This can be extremely frustrating for competitors who were aiming for a specific weight division but there is nothing that can be done about it as the organizers can adapt these to suite the show in the evening.

For male bodybuilding competitions the different weight classes or categories are bantamweight and lightweight for the competitors below 160 pounds. Then middleweight and light heavyweight for those competitors below 200 pounds. Then heavy and super-heavyweight for those competitors over 200 pounds.

For females the weight divisions are different as they do not include bantam weight or light-heavy and super-heavy weight divisions for obvious reasons. In female bodybuilding competitions the divisions are the light, middle, and the heavyweight division.

There are some bodybuilding competitions that also include teens or junior divisions as well as masters which are usually over 35 years old. Some competitions may change at the last minute depending on the amount of competitors and they may include divisions like novice or junior and change the existing weight category cut-offs to make a class bigger or smaller depending on how many competitors turn up.

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