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How to Carb Load for a Bodybuilding Competition

When cutting for a competition date one should take advantage of our science and what has been learned about carbohydrate loading before going on stage. We will not concern ourselves with the 12 week diet adjustments made in order to reduce body-fat but focus on the last 7 days before the event.

When you eat carbohydrates you increase your water retention and this can be used to your advantage if you plan the last 7 days correctly. The first step is to reduce all carbohydrates to only 0.5 grams per pound of bodyweight.

To do effective carb loading you need to be able to strictly monitor both your carb intake and your salt intake. You then start the first day by consuming a total of 1,750 mg a day of salt. The next step is to slowly reduce the amount of salt every day so that your last day you are on zero salt.

It is foods like bananas that are not only high carbs but also supply lots of potassium which helps to get rid of water and cramping. The next step is to start reducing your daily water intake a little each day, as you get closer to the contest. As your water intake reducers you are increasing your carb intake to 2.g grams per pound of bodyweight.

The day before the contest you should only consume a maximum of 64 oz of water. On the day of the contest you should eat simple carbs and not your usual complex carbs. Stay away from fibrous foods as they can cause bloating. You should stick to simple carbs like honey, apple butter and bananas.

Preparation is key in bodybuilding and the more effort you put into your final presentation the better your chances of success are. It all comes from planning and having the rigid discipline to stick to the plan regarding all the complex aspects of contest preparation.

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