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Any good bodybuilder plans the contests he/she is going to enter at 12 months in advance. This means you will know exactly what date you want to be ready to show the best you got. Any decent presentation seen by the judges on the day of the contest comes from planning ahead.

Your preparation guide that needs to be followed has minimum requirements if you want to be the best you can be. What this prep guide does not include are the psychological and motivational issues that need to be attended to. You need to know yourself in order to have the audacity to compete.

Your presentation of your body after years of hard training requires extreme discipline constantly adjusting to the monitoring that you are doing. You will be having a conversation with your body while you monitor your input and your output on a daily basis.

The experts all agree that the three S system is the best way to make sure that you have all the bases covered. The first of the three Ss is the Systematic Plans that you have created so that you can be the best you can be. From your training and diet to your music posing and tanning is all part of a systematic plan.

The second S is Small Changes which is the foundation of bodybuilding as any muscle gained will be from progressive resistance that comes from small changes to the weight and/or reps. The last S is probably the most important if you want to be successful as a bodybuilder and that is Superior Commitment.

The extremes that you put your body through when you train with a high intensity is nothing compared to the extremes that you put your body through when carbo loading before a contest. It is a learning curve just like having a conversation with your body which means that you can learn from your mistakes.

So if we start from the top of the S list we need to itemize the systematic plan that we have. These plans/programs can be set up in the following way:

Weight training program which includes all the different cycles that you have already worked out. Training your fast twitch and your slow twitch muscles in a split routine that always pushes you just a little bit farther than you did the last time you trained that body-part.

Your diet program needs to be very specific counting carbs, proteins and fats and sodium that you take in. The steady reduction in calories as you get closer to the contest date to reduce fat is vitally important.

Salt intake needs to be monitored on a daily basis so that you get to zero salt the day before the contest.

Professional bodybuilders dont even brush their teeth the morning of the contest because of the sodium in fluoride toothpaste.

If you are carbo loading to improve the cuts that you are able to show onstage then you need to keep a strict and constant monitor on the carbs that you take in.

When carbo loading you need to watch your water intake the last 7 days before the event. Taking in no water on the day of the competition you will only drink 4 oz the day before.

Tanning lotion, UV rays in a solarium should all be on a very systematic program that you adhere to so that you can come onstage with the color that you anticipated.

Supplements need to also be increased as you get close to the contest with a carefully structured increase in BCAAs so that you get rid of all the excess fluid that your muscles may still be holding.

Music and posing on a daily basis before the contest is vitally important if you want to appear as ripped as you can. You should know your own posing routine backwards and be totally confident that you will move with deliberation and do not stutter.

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