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Don't Let The Scale Dictate Your Diet or Training

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This tip is for those preparing for a bodybuilding show. Well, it could be for anyone trying to get into the best shape of their life.

I just finished winning the Mr. USA in Buffalo, NY this last Saturday and one thing that contributed to my success this year was that I didn't allow my body weight dropping to deter me from getting totally shredded.

Most people tend to pick a weight they think will be optimal and that they will compete at and then strive to get to that weight. What you have to do is pick a look that you are striving for and not stop cutting until that look is achieved regardless of the body weight. When you are 20-30 pounds over weight, you'll have no idea what that final weight is until you are there.

I had figured that I would compete at 180-183 this year, but I ended up somewhere around 174-175. This is the same weight as when I competed at Musclemania two years ago. However, this time the 175 looked much, much better! It was because I was leaner and had more muscle maturity. If I had stopped cutting at the 180 I had planned on, then I wouldn't be writing this to you as the new AAU Mr. USA.

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