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Controlling Hunger

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OK. Admit it. There are times when you're dieting that the hunger pangs seem to be getting the best of you. I know they get to me every once in a while. The hunger problem has been signifigantly reduced now compared to when I started bodybuilding however. I have learned a few little tricks to keep hunger under control.

First and foremost stay busy. If you are constantly doing something, you don't have time to be hungry or think about it. It really doesn't matter what you are doing as long as it's occupying your mind and getting you involved. One of my favorite things to do when getting hungry is to pop in a video game and get lost in fantasy. A couple of hours can go by before you know it and you're ready for your next meal.

Another way to control hunger is to eat small frequent meals. Eating six times a day, every 3-4 hours will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and give you a nutritional boost. It's tough to eat traditional food that many times a day, especially if you are working full time. That's where meal replacement powders and protein powders come in handy. My personal favorite is the Total Nutrition System by Dymatize. It has absolutely fantastic taste and 45g of protein per serving. Opti-RX and Ultramet are two other very good MRP's.

So what do you do if you're staying busy, eating 6 times a day including wonderful tasting MRP's, and you're still getting hungry??? Try drinking a diet soda or a cup of coffee. It always works for me. :-)

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