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Dips for Chest or Triceps?

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People often ask me what dips are primarily used for - chest or triceps? Dips are called a compound movement. This mean that several body parts come into play during the execution of the exercise. They hit almost every muscle in the upper body at some point during the movement. However, they do hit the triceps and chest the most.

You can decide which body part you want to target by including them on that workout day. If you do dips after doing several other sets for chest, you will really feel them in your chest. The same goes for triceps. However, if you do chest and triceps on the same day, this is a perfect exercise to use as your last chest exercise and before starting triceps. It's kind of a lead in exercise for tris.

I do chest and triceps on the same day. If I am performing dips for a specific workout, I usually place them in between the two body parts. However, occasionally I will do them last as a final burnout for my triceps.

Experiment with dips. They are a fantastic exercise for both chest and tricep development.

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