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Tips On Choosing A Gym

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OK. You've just decided to get into the fitness craze, bodybuilding lifestyle, or increase your strength for one reason or another. Maybe you've just moved to another city or you're just bored with your current gym and looking for a change. The decision you make about where to train is going to be an important one. What factors might you consider when making this decision?

First off, ask around town. Personal reccomendations often times are the best sources of information. If a facility has a good reputation with the locals, then it is probably good. After you get a short list of gyms, maybe narrow it down to three, visit each one for a free guest workout. Most gyms allow you to do this if you are considering purchasing a membership. If they don't have this policy, then you will probably be stuck with paying a small one day fee like $5-10. It's going to be worth it to pay that fee.

Make sure you go during the time that you will most likely be working out on a regular basis. This way you will be able to assess how crowded the gym will be and if equipment will be readily available for your workouts.

Check the equipment thoroughly for all body parts and not just the one you are working that day. Nothing is more irritating than to find out after you've purchased a year membership that they are missing an integral piece of equipment needed for your goals. Don't forget to check the cardio equipment either. At some clubs, it's almost impossible to get on the tread mill or stairmaster because they have to few pieces of the highly used equipment.

Before leaving make sure to get a list of gym rules and membership prices. Review the rules in the lounge area and ask the manager if you have any questions. Important things to look for:

1. Do they allow chalk? For powerlifting this is a necessity and it really helps all lifters at times.

2. Do they have time limits on the cardio equipment? If you're getting ready for a contest, a 20 minute per session cardio rule will be a major problem.

3. Holiday hours. Some gyms are open quite often during the Holiday times to accomodate you and others close for entire weekends including a Friday if the Holiday falls then. This can be a problem if peaking for a contest or meet. It can also be irritating to any serious fitness enthusiast.

4. Do they have any refund policies if you decide you don't want to workout there any more? Some clubs have 1 yr and 2 yr monthly contracts. Is there an early exit clause?

Good luck picking your gym. After you make your decision, get in there on a regular basis and start building the body you desire!

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