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It's very difficult to find an unbiased piece of journalism in today's society. It really doesn't matter what publication you pick up. It seems it's just too tempting to put a personal slant on topics for writers these days to just report the facts. Nowhere does this practice seem to be more abused than in the circulating bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

An employee of mine asks, "In the new Flex magazine, they rate supplements. L-Glutamine and creatine are rated at the top and the prohormones aren't even mentioned. Why do you think this is?" I told him that I agreed that L-Glutamine and creatine are top level supplements and would receive my highest ratings possible also. However, the reason that Flex ommitted prohormones is because it's a Weider publication. Weider does not offer much of a prohormone selection. Therefore, to recommend them or rank them high would not be a good business decision.

Whenever you are reading any magazine, you need to keep in mind which company is publishing the mag. Iron Man will heavily lean toward Musclelink, Flex and Muscle and Fitness toward Weider products. Muscle Media will not push anything but EAS products. Muscular Development will lean heavily toward Twinlab offerings. Musclemag International is probably the most unbiased, but Muscletech takes so many pages for advertisements and makes them look like articles, it can be misleading.

It's great to read as much as possible and learn as much as you can about your passions in life. However, read everything with a skeptical eye and realize the source of the writing. Good luck!

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