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Avoid Mistakes, Not Exercises

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A very common occurrence I see amongst gym goers and bodybuilder "wannabes" is to avoid difficult exercises or exercises which they aren't particularly strong at. It seems to be a problem with insecurity. It's as if these people think that everyone in the gym is so concerned with how much weight they are moving on a particular exercise. Listen up. THEY AREN'T.

The basic exercises like Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlifts are difficult for a reason. They build muscle. If you are avoiding them because you're embarrassed about the poundages you move, then you are severely limiting your gains. Sure, it may be fun to put tons of plates on the leg press and put the seat up as high as it will go and do 20 partial reps, but you really aren't building any muscle. You aren't impressing anyone but the complete gym neophyte either.

Form the core of your training program around the big basic lifts and work to improve them. This is how you'll add some quality beef to your physique. Leave showing off to the guys and gals who don't have any muscle and are suffering from a severe inferiority complex. Everyone with a clue sees right through that little show anyway.

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