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How to Apply Posing Oil

Oiling Up

If you are planning on competing in a bodybuilding contest, you will find there are many side issues to deal with besides just building up your muscles and trimming off body fat. One of these is “oiling up”. Why oil up? Oiling up is the process of getting oil on your body to bring out the best appearance of the muscles. The lights on a stage can flatten you out to some degree, and the oil works to prevent that from happening.

When you oil up you want to get it just right. Too much oil can make you glisten like a neon light and actually take the attention away from your muscles. Too little oil and the effect doesn’t work at all. You want to get the oil process just right.

Oiling up will require a partner as unless you are super flexible, you won’t be able to reach part of your back. You may want to have a partner backstage to help you get oiled up prior to going out, or you may be able to get another competitor to oil you up if you are willing to do the same for them.

You want to find the best oil long before you need it. This may take some trial and error and practicing at home. Use a well lit area and mirrors, and you also may want the opinion of someone else as well. You will want an oil that works well with your own tan level, and also take into consideration your tanning product as well.

There are quite a few different posing oils available (and they typically are found under the that title – posing oils). If your body color is somewhat flat, you may want to go with a posing oil product that helps bring out a glow. Some competitors actually use a cooking oil product like PAM and find it to work well. Have your oil choose nailed down long before you enter the contest so you are confident in its capabilities for your body.

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