Bodybuilding anabolic steroid related deaths

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Bodybuilder steroid deaths

Posted by Spencer

I was browsing through one of the bodybuilding mags and read that yet another bodybuilder recently succumbed to steriods. He was not that well known and was slowly making his way up through the ranks of steroid monsters. The poor guy didn't wake up one morning - the cause of death - kidney failure. Only 30 years old with his whole life ahead of him. He didn't have a chance to even seize his 15 minutes of fame and it cost him his life.

I try to rationalize that with all the deaths in bodybuilding common sense has to eventually dictate and the bodybuilding industry will finally wise up. But the madness continues and the muscle mags are still trying to make money off these poor souls who simply won't leave their ego behind and throw the needles away.

I read that Lee Priest is packing it in. He wrote, "The sport is no longer fun for me. And to see what's happening to a lot of good athletes is crazy. Cause in the end all you have is your health and some of the greats don't even have that."

More guys like Lee have to come forward. Pro bodybuilders did not start out that way. They began in the gym like you and I and pursuited the sport that they love. On the way they no doubt became "good athletes" but chose a quick alternative with deadly consequences.

It makes me wonder when the madness will end.

Re: Bodybuilder steroid deaths

Posted by Alan


Very well put. I've been asking the same question for over 30 years. Steroids have been a plague on all honest, health and strength seeking lifters (and other athletes) for too many years.

I for one don't want everyone to assume I'm on some kind of drug. All my work has been done honestly and what I might have accomplished is tarnished by the steroid users.

Too many younger people have grown up thinking the only way to success is through the use of steroids, and this is wrong. However, they have heard the word steroid so much and seen the steroid users in magazines and on TV.

Rest assured that most of us are not "using" and it is still a minority of the bodybuilders who choose the steroid rout, but they do seem to get the most attention don't they.

All I can tell you is too protest and do not support the people or organizations who sponsor or promote the use of steroids. This can be your own way of fighting againts steroids and other harmful drugs.


Re: Bodybuilder steroid deaths

Posted by Sting

The guys who continue to take steriods despite all the deaths, chronic health problems and negative publicity are in many ways like the generations of smokers. After hundreds of thousands of deaths from smoking related diseases, people are finally getting the message in western culture and are putting out their last butt.

On the topic of steriods, does the same have to happen before bodybuilders and other athletes finally get it?? The muscle magazines still have the monsters on the covers sending a reckless message to the kids. Thumbs down to the editors who promote this rubbish. They are as bad as the tobacco companies and will have to cough up one day and take responsbility!

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