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How to overcome a sticking point

Posted by Jason

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend what adjustments I need to make after reaching my sticking point. I have been training steady for the past three years and I have reached the stage where I am not making any gains. I do a split routine - 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps depending on the type of movement.

My diet is reasonably good. I don't take any supplements other than protein.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Re: How to overcome a sticking point

Posted by Leo

Reaching a plateau or sticking point in weight training is a common problem. You didn't indicate how many years you have been weight training and that is relevant.

For someone who has weight trained seriously for a number of years, I recommend changing the routine to a power program. It involves heavy lifting but not using the typical format of five reps of six. Instead you will start by selecting a weight that you can lift for six repetitions using strict technique and form. If you are able to do seven or eight reptitions with the weight then you are not using enough. It is a judgement call.

After you complete six repetitions, add more weight and complete five repetitions and so on. Continue to use this format until you reach a single rep. In order to remain consistent and make progress, I recommend that you record your weights/reps during your workouts.

Re: How to overcome a sticking point

Posted by Hulk

I would reccomend a training log. You are not looking for an improvement every day or even every week but you can check what you are doing on a week by week basis and over a period of time you will see a gradual improvement.

If you still have problems try a three day split, moonday weds & fri with you working your whole body over two weeks. Some people who are have had trouble with sticking points and the like have moved themselves on well with this routine and them after a few months and their bodies having adapted to the new volume of work have dropped backing into a four day split.

Re: How to overcome a sticking point

Posted by Sid

hi jason, two things you should look at when reaching a sticking point. as you go higher in weight it comes into play. you may need to increase your protien. as your muscles get stronger, they get bigger. ofcourse everyone knows that everytime you work out you damage the muscle and it has to repair. the bigger the muscle is the more repair it needs. so you may need more protein. the second thing is recovery time between workouts of a certain muscle group. as you get bigger your muscles may need more time to heal. so you may need to take another day or two for your muscle to heal. now this is my theory and personal belief. i keep things very basic when it comes to lifting. when something is not going right make gradual adjustments. if anyone doesnt agree, please give me some constructive criticism. these are just my opinions that just make sense to me.

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