Building muscle mass basics

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Basic ways to gain muscle mass

Posted by Leo

Our attitude in the gym is affected by many things but if your primarily goal is to gain mass and get big then you've got to be ready to train hard!

If you are just starting out then you are going to need to build a good strong foundation. You can't skip this step because if you do, you will sustain an injury or you will simply burn out. I recommend that you begin with full body workouts, three times a week. This will enable you to build the strength, endurance and stamina to proceed into the next phase of your training. Take a serious look at your eating habits - do your homework. A strong body requires sound nutrition to support it.

Building a strong foundation takes time. To start select standard compound movements using a combination of free weights and machines. Depending on whether you have participated in other sporting disciplines, it will take approximate 6 to 12 months to build a solid foundation.

For the experienced weight lifter who seriously wants to gain mass, it will require heavy lifting with free weights. Free weights require a lot more effort to maintain control and balance. They allow you to adjust your grip and change your angle and attack the muscle from each side. Machine exercises provide benefits but to gain mass, work on the free weight exercises first. You are going to need all your energy, strength and power to train heavy consistently. Do pullover exercises AFTER you work your muscles. For an example follow your chest workout with several sets of the bent arms pullover.

Stick to low reps of 5 to 6 reps and strive for four to five sets of each exercise. Be consistent and try to add five pounds a week to your exercises. That means not missing workouts or it will be like ascending a slippery slope.

Eat right by including enough protein, carbs, good fats, and water in your diet. Get enough sleep and allow your muscles to rest 48 hours before working them again.

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