Bulky triceps

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Building big bulky triceps

Posted by Mike

My goal this summer is to increase the size of my arms. I have been following Leo's advice about training all full angles and have made good progress with my biceps.

I am wondering what is the best exercise to build bulk on the triceps.


Re: Building big bulky triceps

Posted by Alan

Always keep in mind that all "pushing" type exercises require much work from the triceps. therefore it is possible to build some very impressive triceps development by doing the overhead press, the bench press, push-ups, or any exercises that require a pushing movement.

As far as direct work for the triceps there are many good exercises and I personally don't know if I could choose just one or two. I guess a short list would have to include: Barbell Triceps extension, (aka the french press), done in either of the positions; standing, sitting, laying. Close grip bench presses, Triceps push-downs and any kind of dipping exercise will help develop the tris.

This list of exercises allows for more resistance to be used than exercises such as the dumbell triceps kick-back which is an excellent exercise for shaping the triceps.


Re: Building big bulky triceps

Posted by Spencer

When doing the triceps extension, try lying down on a bench for this exercise. You might find that you can use a little more weight than in the seated position. It's works for me.

Good luck.

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