Calf development

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How to build rock hard calves

Posted by Wayne

I need some help to try and bulk up my calves. My legs are starting to get out of proportion. My thighs and hamstrings are getting big but I haven't been able to make any gains on my calves.

I do calf raises on the stand-up machine and the seated calf machine. I do about 3 to 4 sets of 15 reps. Is there anything else I can do to get big rock hard calves?


Re: How to build rock hard calves

Posted by Alan


You are probably within the 90% the rest of us who have fought to develop the calves, so don't feel alone. The calves as you know, are one of if not the toughest, most dense muscle groups in the body..Takes lots of work and patience.

Persistance is the key to development of the calves. Stick with it and they will come around. The exercises you are doing already are the very best for the calves, however, you might want to consider adding the "donkey calve raise" to your calve routine.

Use a priority traning method to develop any muscle that is lagging behind.


Re: How to build rock hard calves

Posted by TJ

I think the most important thing that helps to develop the calves is making sure you use a full range of motion. I see a lot of people doing calves with a ton of weight, but they only bob up and down, and never stretch the calves, or come up high enough on the toes. Do two or three exercises in a row, with no rest for 10-12 reps.Then rest, and repeat, for 3 or 4 cycles. Your calves will grow from this. Also mix things up often. Go heavy, light, supersets, tri-sets, strip sets, etc. The calves adapt to a certain workload very quickly.These shocking techniques will help you to avoid this. Just be sure to work the calves through a full range of motion.

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