Concentration Curls

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Angles Make a Difference

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I was working out the other day and an advanced trainer who has placed in a bodybuilding contest approached me. "Steve, I sometimes see you doing concentration curls at the end of your bicep workout. Everytime I do them, I can't seem to feel the muscle working or get a pump."

Concentration curls have always been one of my favorite finishing exercises for biceps. If there is one exercise where I can definitely feel the muscle working, it's concentration curls. I knew there had to be a problem with this guy's form.

After troubleshooting his technique, I noticed that he was putting his elbow too far out on his knee and curling the weight back toward his body, almost sideways, instead of having his shoulders squared and arm facing forward. I pointed out the error in form and upon correction, the guy got a tremendous pump.

If you're having problems getting a tried and tested exercise to produce results for you, it's probably worth having a local expert assess your form and see if you're doing it right. However, be careful picking you expert. The guy I helped is a veteran lifter with around 18" arms!

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