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Too Good To Be True?

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Within the last few years, a certain creatine product came to the market with outrageous claims. Supposedly you didn't need a loading phase, you only took it on days you lifted, and it didn't cause water retention! However, you got all of the best benefits that creatine supplementation had to offer! WOW! Just what everyone was looking for! This is the best creatine product ever invented. Or is it?

When I read the ads and heard the hype, I immediately became a skeptic. One of the reasons that creatine works so well is because it causes water retention. Eliminating that would eliminate some of creatine's effectiveness. However, it is a common complaint about creatine. Some people feel bloated on it. It's almost as if this company did some "Marketing" research and came up with exactly what consumers wanted to hear.

I was forced with a decision. Should I carry this product, which I felt questionable about? Every distributor in the land was telling me to. My simple question, which was never answered was, "What exactly makes this product better than any other creatine product?" The answer, "I don't know, but we're selling a ton of it." That just simply wasn't a good enough answer to justify putting it on my shelf. I will only carry products which I believe in regardless of how much revenue they will generate.

Now, several companies have performed tests on the above mentioned creatine product. The results are coming back very negative for the product and the company distributing it. Apparently there is very little active creatine in the product if any at all. My skepticism was correct.

If you are skeptical about the claims of certain products, do some research. Call the company that produces the product and ask them directly. If they can't supply answers that you can understand, then steer clear of the product. Supplements that promise results that are too good to be true, probably aren't worth buying.

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