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Cycling Supplements

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The question often comes up, "Should I take time off of supplements?" Supplements is a very broad term. To decide on which types of supplements to cycle, you need to first decide on what type they are.

Supplements that work like whole foods such as protein drinks, carb drinks, or vitamins and minerals really have no advantage to being cycled on and off. I use them regularly year round as part of my diet. These types of supplements are enhancing the foods you eat. Cycling off these types of supplements will probably have more of a negative effect on your training than a positive one.

Supplements that promote a specific metabolic response in the body like stimulants, prohormones, creatine, isoflavones, etc. should be cycled off in my opinion. These types of supplements have the potential for downregulation in the body and they may become ineffective after prolonged usage without a break. As a general rule of thumb, you could take two weeks off for every four weeks on when using these types of supplements. Supplements that fall into these categories are: Andro/Norandro Products, Tribulus, Methoxylon/Proxylon, all creatines, Hydroxycut, Thermocuts, Thermadrene, Xenadrine, and all the rest of the fat burners.

You may feel like you're backpedaling a little when taking some time off of your supplement program. However, in the long run, you will make better gains.

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