Deadlift day after squats

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Can you deadlift the day after squats

Posted by Warlock

If I do a heavy leg workout that includes squats, is it safe to do the deadlift the next day?

Re: Can you deadlift the day after squats

Posted by Alan

Sounds like you're on a split routine of some sort already, so I would suggest you might want to try a Chest/legs on one day. Then something on the order of a back/biceps the next.

This is an older type routine that used to be used by some of the guys.

Theory behind the Chest/ legs was/is, something on the order of a super-set that would get you breathing with a leg exercise, then do a chest exercise. Usually some sort of pullover movement. This theory was to expand the rib cage area. This is done by the heavy breathing after the leg exercises and the expanding tendencies of the pullover while breathing heavily. Always sounded logical to me. I'm not sure at what age the ribcage area no longer is capable of growth though. At any rate, it can be a tough routine, and you might want to throw in some overhead presses for the shoulders on the chest/legs day.

Just some thoughts. Don't take this as a push to change your present routine. Just thought I'd try to give you some different ideas to think about. Seems like there is always something else, right?


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