Dumbbell Chest Exercise

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Dumbbell Flys

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Dumbbell flys seems to be one of the most difficult exercise for people to perform properly. All too often, I see people using far too much weight and turning it into a dumbbell press or using far too little weight and getting nothing accomplished. To get the most out of dumbbell flys, you need to know how to properly perform the movement.

First, let's talk about the incorrect ways to perform flys. Have you seen people take the dumbbells and simpy turn them so they are parallel with their body and then press them up. They can use a tremendous amount of weignt because they aren't doing a fly. They are pressing the dumbbells. However, this trainer will then exhault to the gym that they are using "85 pounders" for flys. They aren't doing flys. They are pressing. Then you have the people who keep their arms as straight as a yard stick and use the 10lb. dumbbells. They usually overstretch the movement at the bottom and hold the weights for far too long at the top with their arms fully extended. They are like the anti-pressers out to prove that how much weight they lift isn't important. They are going to perform the movement as strict as possible regardless of weight. These people probably aren't doing much in the way of building muscle, but probably only irritating their joints.

So, how do you perform fly correctly? At the bottom portion of the movement, the arms will be slightly bent. The dumbbells will be parallel to your body and slight below the top of your chest. Your arms will be extended (slightly bent) away from your body at a little less than a 90 degree angle. The next motion you make, as you begin to start the exercise, is to pull the dumbbells inward. You want to keep the bend in your elbows exactly the same. As you pull inward and keep the bend in your arms even, the dumbbells will begin arcing above you until they meet over the top of your chest. If you think of hugging a big tree, this sometimes helps to correctly perform the movement.

To add intensity to the exercise, you can rotate your hands so that your pinkie fingers will be facing each other at the end of the movement and the flat sides of the dumbbell weights will be touching each other. This helps to supinate the pectorals. The rotation takes place slowly and steadily until the movement is completed and starts about half way up. You then lower the weight just like you raised it until you are back to the starting position.

Try doing flys correctly if you already aren't. You might find that they are a pretty good finishing exercise!

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