Dumbbell Exercises

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Workout With Dumbbells For A Change

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If you're one of those trainers that always insists on using the bar instead of dumbbells, you may be robbing yourself of some gains. I always preach to try and increase your weights and work with the basic exercises which always involve a bar, but there are times when throwing in some dumbbell exercises first can break up the monotony and give you some new stimulation that might put you back on track to muscle gains!

I'm thinking of a specific instance in my personal case. I have been doing stiff-legged deadlifts forever with the straight bar. Ocassionally, I'll throw in dumbbells, but for the most part, I always use a bar. However, this last workout, I used dumbbells and my hammies are so incredibly sore it's unreal. Thinking back, I now realize that they've been sore after almost everytime I've thrown in the DB's. Rarely do I get anything from the bar.

Another benefit that the dumbbells afford is ease of use. You can move them around the gym pretty easily and don't need a platform to use them. If you've never tried DB's for stiff-legged deadlifts, then I suggest you give them a shot. Just don't plan on walking normal for a few days! :)

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