Forearm Muscles

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The Best Forearm Exercises

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Do you even need to do work specifically for the forearms? Don't they get enough stimulation throughout the day and from other exercises? While the forearms do receive stimulation from everyday activities and secondarily from other exercises, some people will require work directly on the forearms. Knowing which exercises are best will put you one step ahead in the quest for better development.

1. Wrist curls - you bend down in a squatting position with your wrists resting on your knees and your hands hanging over the edge freely. Then take a free weight bar in your palm and curl the weight up as high as you can and then lower it to the fingertips all while not moving your wrists off your knees. 2 sets of 8-12 reps should be plenty.

2. Reverse wrist curls - The position is the same, except your hands are facing palms down. The movement is the same, except you are curling the backs of your hand upward toward your forearm. Just like the name implies...It's a reverse wrist curl. 2 sets of 8-12 reps again here.

3. Reverse barbell curls - This is a great exercise to place right after your bicep routine and prior to the other forearm exercises. It's performed just like a barbell curl, except your hands are palm down while grabbing the bar. This exercise will hit the forearms and the hard to hit region of the outer upper arm - the brachialis. 2 sets of 8-12 reps here again will do the trick.

If you're one of those people who need to bring your forearms up to match the rest of your physique, or if you just want to impress your co-workers with some popeye like forearms, give the above routine a try. Be persistent though. Forearms can be a stubbron muscle group like calves and take a while to respond.

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