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Giving or Taking Advice?

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An interesting subject came up in the gym the other day from an experienced lifter. He asks, "You've been in the iron game for quite some time. If you see someone doing an exercise incorrectly, do you try to help them?" This is a touchy subject. Many people don't want help.

What I usually do is wait for them to ask me. Offering help to a novice who doesn't request it can seem like an insult to them. It also might intimidate them or make them think you are arrogant. Of course, you are simply trying to help, but the novice won't see it that way. Where I will step in without being asked is if they are placing themselves or people around them in immediate danger due to incorrect exercise performance. Even then, it's only with polite suggestions.

Typically, offering unsolicited advice is a lose/lose situation. You'll make the novice upset and it will disrupt your own workout. You're best off leaving it alone unless you are asked.

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