Front Squat Exercise

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Front Squats For a Change

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If you've been squatting or leg pressing for quite some time and your legs seem to not be responing the way they used to, you should try throwing in some front squats.

Front squats are a very difficult exercise to perform. You need to start by placing the bar across your clavicle as close to your neck as possible. Then raise your arms up until the bar is resting on the groove between your front and middle deltoid heads. At this point you have a couple of options for hand placement.

One option is to cross your arms over one another and place your open hands resting on top of the bar. Your arms cross approximately at the wrists. Another option is to hook your thumbs under the center of the bar allowing your thumbs and hands to touch. Then raise your elbows high enough so you can stabilize the bar when getting it off the rack. Placing the thumbs together is the method I prefer. The final option is to front squat using a clean position with the bar resting on your fingers and across your clavicle area. In this position the elbows must be held really high to keep stability. I find this option difficult to maneuver, but maybe its perfect for you. Experiment and see which style suits you best.

After developing and mastering your grip, you're ready to start front squatting. You'll have to start extremely light and it will feel very awkward at first. When going down, try to keep your knees lined up over the tops of your feet. You'll also have to keep your hips in during the front squat. If they go out too much, you'll drop the bar! Squat down to parallel or lower and then return to the starting position. If you feel like you're going to lose control of the bar, try raising your elbows as hard as you can.

Don't expect great results immediately. It will take you at least 3 workouts just to adjust to the movement. At that point, your legs will start getting some major stimulation. Be patient and hang in there. Front squats will produce muscle roundness and sweeps like no other leg exercise. The reason you never see anyone doing them is because they're so damn tough! Good luck.

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