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L-Glutamine Powder - How Much and When?

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

I get asked a lot what the single best supplement for muscle gain is. For my money, it's a close fight between creatine and L-Glutamine powder, but L-Glutamine Powder comes out the slight winner. Why L-Glutamine you ask?

First, it's the single most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. By supplementing it, you encourage cell volume, protein synthesis, glycogen storage, and it has anti-catabolic properties. Just about everything L-Glutamine Powder supplementaion does supports muscle growth.

The next question I get is, how much L-Glutamine Powder should I take and when? If you are 150lbs. or under, you need at least 15 grams per day. That's approximately 3 heaping teaspoons full. If you are over 150lbs. you need at least 20 grams per day. Do the math......that's approximately 4 heaping teaspoons full. You need to make sure to take at least one teaspoon prior to lifting and one teaspoon right after lifting. These are the two most important times to take L-Glutamine Powder for optimal results. Just consume your other servings at some other point during the day to make sure you are taking in adequate amounts of L-Glutamine Powder to be effective.

Is L-Glutamine Powder supplementation going to turn you into the Incredible Hulk overnight? No, but including it in your supplement program should help your progress in weight training. I keep it in my supplement program year round.

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