Gym Pet Peeves

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My pet peeve at the gym

Posted by Mahesh

My pet peeve in the gym, is when someone who you have never met in your life, & looks like hes been training in a POW camp comes up & starts giving advice on your technique & nutrition !

I just grin & bear it, otherwise I'd probably end up throwing a dumbell at them !

What is your pet peeve at the gym?

Re: My pet peeve at the gym

Posted by Tanya

Mine is people who are all talk and no action at the gym. I've done three sets and they're still chatting away trying to find the answer to world peace!

I wouldn't mind so much but in the interim they are tying up the equipment. I try to be polite and say excuse me but can I do a set? They generally oblige but I dislike having to go through this ceremony just so that I can follow my routine in some sort of order that makes sense. A little sensitivity please for your fellow gym mates.

Re: My pet peeve at the gym

Posted by TJ

It`s amazing how many people come to the gym just to socialize, and then wonder why they make little or no progress. If you are going to spend $300 on a gym membership, talk after the workout, or just mail the money to me. I could use it !!

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