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Hamstrings with Quads or Not?

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The back side of the legs, the hamstrings, can be a very stubborn muscle for many people. To get nice, full hamstring development, you really have to work hard on the muscle group. Is it best to work them on the same day as quads, or should they be worked on a different training day? I've trained them both ways and this months tip will explore the advantages of each training method.

I like the idea of training them together with quads, because so many quad exercises will also hit the hamstrings. Compound movements like squats, leg press, lunges, etc. all hit the hamstrings as well as quads. Training them together will allow you to completely fry all parts of your legs and them give all parts ample time to recover for growth.

There is a downside to training hamstrings on quad day. If you train them after quads, you may not have enough energy left to hit them with enough intensity to stimulate growth. Of course, a simple remedy to this problem is to train them before doing quads. It could be a slight ego blow, since your squat weight will drop, but it could cause your hamstrings to explode into new growth.

Training hamstrings on a separate day from quads has its benefits also. If you train them before or after another upper body workout such as back or shoulders, you won't be as physically exhausted as when training them after quads. Squats and leg presses are physically brutal and take their toll on your energy stores. By simply having more energy to train the muscle group, you will be more intense. This should result in better workouts. If your hamstrings are really lagging, training them separate also gives you another opportunity to hit the muscle group in the same week. You will hit them secondarily on quad day and then primarily on hamstring day.

The downside to training them separate is that you might need more recuperation than hitting them twice per week provides. It can also make for a very long workout, depending on how you have your body parts grouped together.

Both training methods will work. If you aren't getting the results from your hamstring training that you feel you should, then something needs to change. You need to find the one that works best for you. Good luck forging cords of steel on the backside of your thighs!

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