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Do high reps build muscle size

Posted by Fred

I have seen mass building programs revolving around high reps. An article in a bodybuilding magazine says 15-20 reps for a mass gaining routine. Does anyone feel that this can be possible? It says its all about the pump.

Re: Do high reps build muscle size

Posted by Alan

The theory of building mass with light weights and high repetitions has been around for a while and while it might be true, it might just be half the truth.....

Yes, it is about the PUMP. All about the pump. As you know by taking a measurement when "cold" and after you work a bodypart you take a "pumped" measurement you do see a larger measurement. After a while the Pump goes away and the measurement decreases.

Really just the same thing here. You might flush and pump the muscle larger (which will mean more size/mass) but the new mass will NOT stay with you like muscle that has been trained down into the deep fibers.

I'll wager that muscle built with heavier weights and lower repetions will stay with you over a longer period of time than muscle which has just been "pumped."

Oh yea, somewhere back in the 60s a magazine claimed a "new routine could help you put an inch on your arm in a week"...... I read it...same principle.


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