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Varying Your Training Volume

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

I was in the gym tonight and got asked a question that poses a perfect tip of the week. A young lifter comes up to me and asks, "How many sets should I be doing for my chest?" I said, "Well, it depends. Are you volume training or training on a low set regimen trying to build strength right now?" He says, "I don't kow. I just want a big freakin' chest," and he holds out his hands cupped about four inches from his current pecs.

The secret to a big chest and success in your bodybuilding is to learn to vary your training methods throughout the year. I train in cycles throughout the year. Usually a cycle is 2-4 weeks depending on how that current phase of training is progressing at that point in time. It's not always the same.

Typically my three phases consist of Moderate Volume (10-12 sets per body part at 6-12 reps per set), Low Volume (8-9 sets per body part at 3-8 reps per set), and High Volume (12-20 sets per body part and 10-20 reps per set). I try to start with Moderate Volume, then go to High Volume, then back to Moderate Volume, and then to Low Volume. This could take up to four months to get through the cycle, but usually it's just 2-3 months. If I am progressing in weights or reps, I stay on that cycle. When my workouts have become stagnate for a week or two, I switch to the next phase.

I got this idea from a former Mr. America and Universe, Jeff King. His plan isn't exactly like this but it follows the same basic principles.

Give it a try and see what you think. I know what you'll think. "I still want a bigger freakin' chest!" :-) That's the paradox of bodybuilding. You'll never be satisfied because if you were, you'd just quit.

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