Holiday Dieting Tips

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Holiday Season Dieting

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The Holiday Season is almost upon us. Dieting is next to impossible at this time of year. How can you stay lean without dieting? It's difficult, but suggestions below are what I do this time of year and it seems to work quite well.

First, I purchase Chitosan Fat Absorber. Chitsosan is a popular product touted as a fat blocker. I can verify personally that this product definitely works. The Chitosan binds with the fat you eat and allows it to pass through your intestine unabsorbed. Thus eliminating those fat calories from your diet. The more fat you have in the meal, the more chitosan you need to take. Each gram of Chitosan will absorb about 3-6 grams of fat. I will usually take about 5-6 grams of Chitosan per meal, which is 10-12 capsules.

Next, I get a good metabolic booster included in my supplement program. Herbal Fat Melter, or Ripped Quick are good choices.

Finally, I will include some cardio work into my program, if I'm not already doing some. I will do at least 20 minutes three times a week.

You can't get shredded by following the above suggestions, but you can help yourself get a little leaner or maintain during the Holiday festivities. My personal program will be starting November 28th. Good luck with yours and have a great Holiday Season!

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