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All Those Home Gyms!

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

I can't take another infomercial for a home gym. It seems like everytime you flip on the TV one of these things is being advertised. It's either Bowflex, Total Gym, Soloflex, Nordicflex, whatever. They all must be getting their infomercials produced from the same production house, because they all follow the same theme.

First, if you'll notice, the biggest stress is on the compact, fold away or easy storage benefit. The reason for this is two-fold. Number one, it's the best benefit of the equipment. Number two, it's exactly what consumers want to hear.

Second, all of them have models hocking their systems which could not have been built by using that equipment soley. My guess is that several of them also lift free weights and do lots of cardio work.

If you want to change the shape of your body, set up a free weight area in your house and get on a good weight training program. It's going to do alot more for you than any of these compact home gym systems. If you don't have space in your house, then go to a local gym and get put on a program from a top instuctor there. Most people I know that invested in one of the Home Gyms are using it for a laundry rack or dust catcher.

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